Pink Martini Tour 2017 Je Dis Oui

If you are looking for a night of music that is certainly off the beaten path then going out to see the Pink Martini tour 2017 could be just what you are looking for. They play music from many different genres such as jazz, classical, classic pop, and Latin music. That’s quite an eclectic set of genres for modern musicians. They have a brand-new album out which is why they are going to be going on the road soon. Their new record is called “Je Dis Oui”, which means “I Say Yes” in French. Go ahead and look at all of the scheduled dates and choose one that works for you. You definitely won’t regret seeing this band as they are one in 1 million.

One thing that’s neat about this band is that they have 15 members. They also have all sorts of different instruments that you wouldn’t normally see in a modern music group. They have people on vocals obviously but they also have a piano player, a trombone player, a trumpet player, a guitar player, violin player, drums, cello, and harp. They are pretty accurate when they refer to themselves as a little orchestra. The lead singer of the band is China Forbes with another singer being Storm Large. They also have Thomas Lauderdale playing the piano and various other members playing the aforementioned instruments.

This band was formed back in 1994 over in Portland Oregon. At the time Thomas Lauderdale was thinking about becoming the Mayor of Portland. During these political times, he found himself attending all sorts of fundraisers and other political events and always felt that the music just didn’t live up to what it could be. That’s when he decided to start his own band and he recruited his close friends Max Charles and Alex Bartaska. They started out playing those same sorts of fundraisers for various political get-togethers. The reason why the musical stylings as well as lyrics, as well as the languages used in their songs are so diverse as that every member of the band has studied different languages and they have also studied different music from all over the world.

They have been tearing up the music scene since releasing their first album called Sympathique which they put out back in 1997 on their own record label. They had nominations for all sorts of awards like best new artist and song of the year in one of the French music awards shows in the year 2000. They’ve also had success with many of their other albums like hang on little tomato, splendor in the grass, Joy to the world, and hey Eugene. They even managed to get their Joy to the world record distributed in Starbucks stores for a couple of years. They have even managed to sell 2.5 million records all over the world.

Those who attend the Pink Martini tour 2017 get treated to a kind of American cultural whirlwind you could say because this band sings so many classic American songs that those in other countries simply have not heard. A lot of the time some of the most popular classic American songs are being heard for the first time by many overseas concertgoers. Their most recently released album is one of their most upbeat and happy is that they have put out in many years. In these feelings are certainly going to be transferred to any fans who attend their live concerts.

This is a great time to check out pink Martini. They are certainly going to expose you to things that you have never heard before and that are vastly different from the pop music landscape that we currently see represented on the radio and in our media today. Check out this incredible band play their vast catalog of songs spanning many different musical genres today by buying Pink Martini tickets 2017. This is a night that you definitely won’t regret. Check out the list of dates above and get some tickets which are in your area.